The KS2W self-assessment online interactive tool is now available online in 7 languages (EN, ES, EL, FR, IT, PL, DE) for free!

Developed by project partners according to the results of thorough desktop research, surveys, interviews and focus groups with relevant stakeholders in 6 EU countries, the tool helps users gain awareness of and assess their own 12 Transversal Competences Key for employability as illustrated in the Catalogue of TCs, on the basis of 36 imaginary scenarios that draw from 3 different stages in life/ situational contexts:

1. The stage of entering the job market either as a student, new-comer, or unemployed
2. The stage of career development while being active in the job market
3. The free time in real life 

Users, namely jobseekers, VET learners and anyone wishing to improve their TCs key for employability just need to imagine what they would do if they were the protagonist in all these 36 scenarios and submit their answers to take their results, in less than 2.5 hours in total.

 Access the KS2W self-assessment tool here!